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Australian economy is the fastest growing advanced economy in the world

 Sahit Muja: Australia
 Sahit Muja: Australian economy is the fastest growing advanced economy in the world
The economy of Australia is one of the world's most stable economies

The value of Australia’s commodity exports was around $212 billion in 2010-11, an increase of 23.4 per cent from $171.1bn in 2009-10.

Australia’s economy has been thriving  from huge reserves of natural resources, minerals, and energy products. Australia has significant natural gas reserves.
Australia is the world's largest iron ore exporter

Australia has a well-deserved reputation as a reliable and competitive supplier of a wide range of high-quality mineral and energy products. 

Australia has the world’s largest resources of recoverable brown coal, lead, rutile, zircon, nickel, tantalum, uranium and zinc, and ranks second in the world for bauxite, copper, gold, ilmenite and silver.

Economic demonstrated resources (EDR) for industrial diamonds are ranked third largest in the world, and manganese ore fourth.
 Tourism in Australia: My Australian vacation experience:  If you're averse to wide open skies, dramatic landscapes, countless activities, fine wining and dining, and friendly locals.

I know, because I've done our  my research in Australia.
Australia's metropolises also offer glorious ways to wrap your head around the country's culture in museums, theatres, festivals and galleries.

The, hotels, bars and restaurants will serve amazing food, seafood, organics and global cuisine,  and the wine industry in Australia delights discerning connoisseurs from around the world.

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